Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Computing Active Subspaces Efficiently with Gradient Sketching

Computing Active Subspaces Efficiently with Gradient Sketching  by Paul G. Constantine, Armin Eftekhari, Michael B. Wakin

Active subspaces are an emerging set of tools for identifying and exploiting the most important directions in the space of a computer simulation's input parameters; these directions depend on the simulation's quantity of interest, which we treat as a function from inputs to outputs. To identify a function's active subspace, one must compute the eigenpairs of a matrix derived from the function's gradient, which presents challenges when the gradient is not available as a subroutine. We numerically study two methods for estimating the necessary eigenpairs using only linear measurements of the function's gradient. In practice, these measurements can be estimated by finite differences using only two function evaluations, regardless of the dimension of the function's input space.
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