Saturday, May 07, 2016

Saturday Morning Video: Group-testing: Together we are one, Sidharth Jaggi at IHP

IHP just organized a series of talks within what they call the nexus trimester which had a focus on  Inference Problems -the whole playlist is here-. Here are a few presentations related to the theme of Nuit Blanche.
 Group-testing: Together we are one, Sidharth Jaggi

Group testing is perhaps the “simplest” class of non-linear inference problems. Broadly speaking, group-testing measurements exhibit a “threshold” behaviour, with positive test outcomes if the number of items in a test are above the threshold, and negative test outcomes otherwise. In this talk we'll survey bounds, algorithms and applications for a variety of flavours of group-testing (adaptive non-adaptive group-testing, zero-error epsilon-error group-testing, noiseless/noisy measurements, universal group-testing, group-testing with inhibitors, constrained group-testing). The talk is intended as a survey of classical and recent work, and will also present some open questions.

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