Saturday, May 28, 2011

Great Thoughts Friday: Kickstarter as a way to fund some of these crazy projects

I was thinking about this yesterday, but did not get around to writing this entry before today. So it really is a Great Thoughts Friday entry

Some of you may not know about Kickstarter. it is a site where one features project that requests funding from people on the interwebs. Examples for the technology or photography section include:

Following some of the themes mentioned here, what could be some of the crazy projects thast could be funded through Kickstarter ?

  • an iPad/iPod app that downloads automatically all the pdfs featured on nuit blanche for offline viewing
  • fly a high altitude balloon to get a hemispherical view of the horizon
  • development of a platform to be flown on a high altitude balloon to allow for an on board camera to be directed from the ground
  • support travel for travel and cost of living if needed for Sparseman. if he sends something to the Google Exacycle program
  • build a multispectral imager out of an iPhone4.
  • ?????

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