Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Around the blogs in 80 hours.

I haven't done this in a while but here a series of blog entries that got my interest. 

Vladimir: Global and China Camera Module Market, 2010-2011CMOS to Overtake CCD in DSCs by 2013 So in effect, a technology born in the mid-1990's (CMOS) is now overtaking another one (CCD). This is amazing.

Victoria: Open peer review of science: a possibility CS is a small world, Victoria has published on CS and she mentions both Donoho and Trebino in her blog entry. We had a small Q&A with Rick Trebino a while ago.This issue of science publication is also a common theme some of us discuss on Twitter with the #sciencepub tag.

Randy: Extremely High Refractive Index Terahertz Metamaterial, Enhancing Terahertz scanners using Compressive Sensing Technology. Randy is a lawyer but he blogs on Terahertz technology, who would have thought. The interesting element of Teraherz imaging is that not much is known with regards to the interaction of light with matter. In other words, the dictionary is not well known in the first place.
Martin: Accurate eye center localisation for low-cost eye tracking This is an interesting approach, but please don't say it is not machine learning, it is.

MV4U: New 3D machine vision productVision Troubleshooting #2Vision Troubleshooting #1 – has it ever worked?Troubleshooting vision the MV4U way  I like this blog as it shows the differential between how some technology is sold and how it is really implemented in real life. The remarks on that site pretty much reminds me of some acid test. For the people at the low end of the TRL scale it really points the requirements that are not being met by current technology.

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Randy Knudson said...

Igor, thank you for mentioning my blog in your post. Nuit Blanche is a wonderful resource, always interesting, and thought provoking. Thank you again.