Thursday, February 24, 2011

Five continents in two days

This map represents the location of the readers who came directly to the blog in the past two days or about 800 hits. Let us not forget the 962 readers getting the same news directly through their feedreaders (with about 2500 views in total or about 2.5 views per reader for 3 entries. i.e. This group of nearly a thousand readers is exposed to most entries) and finally about 360 people getting the same information directly by e-mail.

The Linkedin Group on Compressive Sensing grew by 10 people in a week and has now reached 731 members. (who's going to be the 1000th members?)  I note that I am now not the only one that asks and answers questions. This is some good news with regards to how this community of people from many different background (students, researchers to engineers at companies, theoreticians to more applied folks) is getting above a critical threshold..

If you know anybody who needs to be exposed to some of the information mentioned here, you can tell them to join the Linkedin Group, use this Feed ( ) or follow this twitter stream.

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