Sunday, October 10, 2010

Things Mr. Google Ought to Fix (or Explain)

In the course of using the different apps on Google I stumbled upon six bugs which are somehow annoying:

Blogger: In the new version, whenever I am writing a blog entry and I am in the html mode. I highlight some part of the text and hit the Link item on the menu in order to enter an http address. After typing the address "To what URL  should this link go" and then press OK. The cursor goes back to the very beginning of the text of the entry. It does not come back to where the cursor was when one started the linking process. This is really annoying as there is no way to go back to the previous behavior.

Blogger: Again. When going to the "Design" menu, I hit the edit of the "Blog Posts" item and get this menu.The show share button while enabled does not show up on the blog. Why ? I don't know.

Google Checkout: There is a difficulty in getting several people to access a common Google Checkout account. The issue does not seem to get much attention officially.

Google Sites: Google in its infinite wisdom decided to stop Google Page and switch it Google sites. The transition was pretty seamless except that now no javascript can be included in the Google sites pages. It means in particular, that I cannot see from where my visitors come from. It's annoying.

Google Feedburner, Google Adsense and Blogger:When I switched Google Adsense for the purpose of counting both the hits on the page and the feeds used by different feedreaders, it created a new feed in Feedburner. No explanation was given to what this means

Both feeds increase over time but not at the same pace. For instance I don't know if the new feed include hits on both Google reader and other feedreaders or some other combination. I also wish there would be a way to merge two or three feeds together (at least their stats and the folks on the Email lists).

Google Adsense Am I the only one who thinks most of these ads are not just that well targeted ? I mean, I actually think Google ads are more relevant when I am using Gmail than when I am reading the blog or the Big Picture. How come ? The blog and the Big Picture are far more focused. And what's the deal with these ads about "Compressed air" ?

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