Wednesday, August 04, 2010

This is wrong on so many levels

From reading this press release, Video Game Processors Help Lower CT Scan Radiation one could get the wrong impression.. For those new readers let me provide some background, while Graphics cards bring speedier computations, they are not the reason why dose from the CT devices is decreased. The radiation dose is lower because of the framework (signal acquisition and reconstruction solvers) brought by compressive sensing allows one to take fewer measurements and therefore a lower dose.

One would only hope to see similar progress as this press release implies: Image-Processing Algorithm Reduces CT Radiation Dose by as Much as 95 Percent. There the algorithm is clearly at the center of the dose reduction. For those interested in trying this in a Compressive Sensing framework, you may want to check the actual abstract here.It looks as though one could probably use the background subtraction approach. Some of you are working in the same institution (Mayo)!

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